Friday, July 30, 2010

Day Two

To my crush,

To all my crushes; past, present, and future crushes. I am talking to all of you who I have liked. You who have had no idea that I liked you. You have become in my eye all the leading guys in TV and in movies. You have become something more in my mind. Being the prince in every book I've read. Knowing that you can only stay in my imaginations and dreams. I see your name everywhere I go, whether it is in a scrap of paper or in movie credits. You, who I cannot approach with these feelings because I know you do not return the sentiments. I don't want to be a fool again. You have no idea that I like you and that's okay. Don't expect much. Crushes are for little girls who are bored. Crushes do not lead to anything. They are just there to torment me, of what I cannot have. In the end you'll just become someone completely different in my mind, that the real you, I'll stop 'crushing' you. Maybe its not a good thing for you to be my crush. Maybe you can become someone that I can actually approach and just like you. To have a real connection and not just an idealize relationship in my mind. Maybe, just maybe it can happen.

~ Leli

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