Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Fall is here and its time to start baking! yay! This morning the sky was cloudy with some rays fighting to heat up Earth. Leaves are turning from green to a orangy red color. I even saw leaves falling from the trees as I drove to school. Fall is my favorite season. It means I can wear scarves and sweater. I can drink tea anytime of day. I can bake and no one will scowl me for heating up the house. So to everyone, Happy Fall/Autumn!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Day Thirty

Dear reflection in the mirror,
You are in my past, did you know that. Your image is a few milliseconds younger than me.
I see you every morning; some mornings you are my friend and other times you are my enemy. Who I see in the mirror is not me. You do not look like that person I believe I am in my mind. Years back people used to go their entire life without looking at their reflection, and here I have the opportunity to see you every day, and I can't. It is a reminder of many possibilities of who I could be. A reminder that I am real and that I must live my life to the fullest. I would like to be honest to you. It should be easy to tell one's reflection the truth but I can't. Of all the people I've lied to, you are the only one that I have been the most dishonest to.


Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Every morning I check my email, my facebook, and then a series of blogs that I follow. here are just some of my favorites:

the thing that grab my attention is that they have really great photography.