Saturday, July 31, 2010

Day Three

Dear Parents,
Thank you for being such good parent growing up, but can you please tone it down just a bit now. I'm already 23 years of age and you still treat me as if I am still ten. I know you do everything because you love me but still come on, you have an adult child. I feel that since you always hovering in my life that you are not letting me experience being an adult. Many times I find myself missing opportunities because I still feel that you wont let me.
Dad, you are always invading my privacy, going through all my stuff, cant a person have some privacy, have some secrets? Mom, I know we are so similar and that is why we argue a lot. Always wanting to be in charge and wanting things to be our own way; but please, I don't bother you when you do thing differently from me, so please be considerate and not complain that I am doing things wrong, when in fact I am doing just as I feel is correct. There are different ways to do things.


Friday, July 30, 2010

Day Two

To my crush,

To all my crushes; past, present, and future crushes. I am talking to all of you who I have liked. You who have had no idea that I liked you. You have become in my eye all the leading guys in TV and in movies. You have become something more in my mind. Being the prince in every book I've read. Knowing that you can only stay in my imaginations and dreams. I see your name everywhere I go, whether it is in a scrap of paper or in movie credits. You, who I cannot approach with these feelings because I know you do not return the sentiments. I don't want to be a fool again. You have no idea that I like you and that's okay. Don't expect much. Crushes are for little girls who are bored. Crushes do not lead to anything. They are just there to torment me, of what I cannot have. In the end you'll just become someone completely different in my mind, that the real you, I'll stop 'crushing' you. Maybe its not a good thing for you to be my crush. Maybe you can become someone that I can actually approach and just like you. To have a real connection and not just an idealize relationship in my mind. Maybe, just maybe it can happen.

~ Leli

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Day One

To my Best Friend, my Soul mate,
I have not been a good friend these past few months. You have been away for almost a year and I have not contacted you one to really talk to you, to see how you are doing in China and in Indonesia. These past few months have been such a blur that looking back I do not have much to report. I remember those nightly 30 minute phone calls, back when talking on your cell phone
and driving was still legal. How much we exchange about our day. Oh how I miss them. But you know me, I tend to be silent for long periods of time and you know I need them. I know that once all these life problems we are having are long past, we would once again get together and start conversing once more.
There are many times when I want to tell you everything that has happened, but I stop myself and tell myself I don't want to bother you. And because of those thoughts, that I am not being a good friend. I'm sorry. Hope I can start talking to you more. I really cannot wait until you get back to the States. It should be anytime right, from July to November.


30 Day Letter Challenge

So I have been MIA from my blog for the last few months, neglecting to write the recipes I tried. While I was gone, I have been reading and following other blogs, and trying out the recipes. I am going to try and write frequently now. There is a 30 day letter challenge going on and I will like to connect it to cooking. So bear with me these 30 days.