Saturday, July 31, 2010

Day Three

Dear Parents,
Thank you for being such good parent growing up, but can you please tone it down just a bit now. I'm already 23 years of age and you still treat me as if I am still ten. I know you do everything because you love me but still come on, you have an adult child. I feel that since you always hovering in my life that you are not letting me experience being an adult. Many times I find myself missing opportunities because I still feel that you wont let me.
Dad, you are always invading my privacy, going through all my stuff, cant a person have some privacy, have some secrets? Mom, I know we are so similar and that is why we argue a lot. Always wanting to be in charge and wanting things to be our own way; but please, I don't bother you when you do thing differently from me, so please be considerate and not complain that I am doing things wrong, when in fact I am doing just as I feel is correct. There are different ways to do things.


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