Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My sister's tea party went well. There were only two of her friend due to the incoming dreaded finals week. The menu was the following:
-Cranberry Pistachio Icebox cookies,
-Raspberry mini cheesecakes,
-Mini brownies,
-Honey and Walnut biscuits,
- Thin cucumber sandwiches,
-pineapple cupcakes;

but after contemplating on the menu, I changed some of the items. Instead of making cranberry-pistachio cookies, I made biscotti. And instead of raspberry cheesecakes, I made strawberries cheesecakes with tiny heart made from the strawberry sauce [funny thing happened that a few of the cheesecake crack, the crack ran across the hearts, what a bad omen!!!]. I did not have time to make the cucumber sandwiches because my sister wanted to make Chilaquiles ( a mexican dish that she had just learned to make herself) to show off her cooking skills :) I made the honey walnut biscuits with whole wheat flour (was rying to be healthy) Bad idea. I did not like how they tasted or how they smell. I am going to stick with white flour for now until i have the courage to try another 'healthy' recipe.
Instead of pineapple cupcakes, I made flour-less chocolate cupcakes, for a friends grandmother who is glucose-intolerant from Martha Stewart book, Cupcakes . They had a chocolate mousse texture, mi mom said they taste a bit weird, so I ate one, as as you know chocolate makes me sick, but when i tasted them they were not bad, as long as you are not expecting the classic cupcake taste of chocolate bread [I had a bad stomachache that night but i had to make sure that they were ok]. I serve these flour-less cakes with sliced strawberries, which were called the "pi├Ęce de resistance" of the whole treat :) Unfortunately I did not have the chance to take picture but I will post the recipe for each of these treat when I make them again and I will post the photographs along with the recipe. I will probably invite anyone who read this to cocme and eat them.

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