Thursday, December 3, 2009

Tea Party

My sister is having a tea party on Saturday, and she has ask me if i can make her all the pastries. She wants a large variety. Some of the treat I am thinking of making are the following:

-Cranberry Pistachio Icebox cookies
-Raspberry mini cheesecakes
-Mini brownies
-Honey and Walnut biscuits
- Thin cucumber sandwiches
-pineapple cupcakes

All accompanied by White temple Tea, from A.C Perch's Thehandel (Best tea shop for all tea
lovers, can be bought online, but the experience of going to this store is phenomenal. Its
an old family own shop were they use different metal weights and a 1800's balance and an even older cash register. The service was great too, they are friendly and they are happy to give as much as of their time as needed; though there is always a long line to get

I'm going to try and just make 1/4 of each recipes, to have a few of each. I'll post pictures once I make them on Friday evening.

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