Thursday, December 17, 2009

Dead blogs...

Surfing the net, I come across many blogs in which the writers haven't written in months or even years. Makes you wonder, what happened to them? [I was one of them once. I had this blog for a year and I remember I stopped because I lost interest in writing about my life. Then I decided to write about other interesting stuff other than my life] Question such as what happened to them? Did they forgot their password? Or did they died??? come into mind.
Many people die, but they leave their unfinished business in the internet. There should be a job for someone to collect or clean out what ever is lost and never be use again. When I read the last thing they wrote, I think to myself, 'was this what they wanted to write or where they planning on editing some more later?'
All these questions where brought on by a book that I am reading. A woman writes to her best friend about her day and how she misses him. As she send the email, her best friend dies in a terrorist attack. That last email is lost in that man's inbox. There will be no one to open it and read that letter. That letter is lost. That email account will forever be lost, too. That letter was unknowingly her last letter to him, and he never got the chance to read it. Lost words. Lost message...

Okay I am just rambling.

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