Monday, August 23, 2010

Day Twenty-six

Dear last person I made a pinky promise to,

Surprisingly I still remember, or maybe is just that you mentioned it so often that that memory has been ingrained in me. I do not know how I came to promise what I did. I think you are the one that said it. Well anyways, all of sudden you said 'pinky promise me', and I just agreed saying sure; while thinking,this is not really going to happened anyways. But you told everyone about it. Now a couple years later I can still remember that I made that promise and I know that I can never fulfil that promise, so I am so glad you have forgotten. It had something to do with you watching a Harry Potter movie. Anyways you are the first and last person I've pinky promise, and it'll probably be the last time cause I do not like that there is promise which I cannot keep.


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