Sunday, August 8, 2010

Day Eleven

Dear deceased person I wish I could talk to,
Abuelito i miss you so much, especially these past few days as we are reminiscing about you. It almost going to be six year since you pass away, but i still feel like it was only last year that i played cards with you, or listening to all your childhood memories. Oh how i loved just sitting at the kitchen table and listen to you talk. I still regret that you never made it to see me walk after high school and now college. I try and be a good person so that you could be proud of me. And I hope you and mi abuelita are really looking down at all of us and see that even though we have all separated, that we all love you, and we all miss you. Ignore how your children are acting, they seemed to have lost sight of the meaning of family, but i know that with time, we will all be on Big happy family.

~Tu nieta, Leli

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